Cornell jar rice cooker 1.8L CRCJS18A


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Cornell Rice Cooker has been a standard in households for years and continues to be today. Simplicity and quality of this rice cooker has kept it as one of the best quality.

Cook White Rice
White rice is cooked perfectly in a short amount of time. After steaming is complete serve your rice using our non-stick inner pan and spatula.

Keep Your Rice Warm
Automatically switches ‘Keep Warm’ after cooking is completed.


CRCJS18A 1.8L Jar Rice Cooker Specification

220-240V / 50/60Hz / 700W

Capacity: 1.8L / 10cups (5-10 pax)

Cook & Keep Warm function

Non-stick inner pot

Accessories: plastic steam tray, measuring cup & spoon

Ideal for large family

Approval no: 200156-24

Barcode : 955 7528 208469

Giftbox Dim/Wt : 293(W) x 293(L) x 287(H) mm/ 3.3kg

Product Dim/Wt : 268(W) x 284(L) x 286(H) mm/ 2.42kg